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April 10th, 2012

Why a “brick and mortor” nanny agency

I have heard from several people lately that the online agencies are “cheap”. Even though I would like to tell everyone “you get what you pay for”, that does not always seem to satisfy the client.

I think knowledge is power and the knowledge to know the difference between what WE do compared to what THEY do is the key to satisfying the client.

Let me start off by telling you what we are NOT:

  • we are not an internet company
  • we do not let the computer pick your potential candidates
  • we do not give your info to any candidate unless YOU tell us to do so
  • we do not skimp on background checks

Here is what we do:

We do the most up to date background checks; including

  • Count Criminal Checks (which are the most up to date check you can run). We complete these on every county the candidate has lived in the last 6 months + any county that she lived in that is not included on the National Criminal Check (currently only checks 38 states).
  • National Criminal Check (checks 38 states for criminal history and often even pull up old speeding / traffic tickets)
  • Past Address History – to find out where the candidate has lived to ensure we check each county specific if not included on the National check.
  • Driving History
  • Social Security Verification – we want to make sure they are legal to work in the US and have a valid social security number.
  • Sex Offender’s Registry
  • Drug Testing

On top of doing all of the best background checks possible – we provide customer service. We are not a call center or a database driven site, and we screen EVERY nanny for EVERY job.

Many clients do not understand the full value of using a service such as this. We manage everything to do with hiring a nanny for you! This means we set interviews up, check references, do the background checks, call you (and your nanny) several times throughout the year to check in, but most of all we are here to help you every day while you have one of our nannies in your home.

We want to be your life long partner in hiring people to care for your children!

So, when you are comparing a company that charges you $59/month – keep in mind you are just paying for a database and a VERY inexpensive background check. Check that out FIRST! When you pay us to work for you – we do JUST that; we work for you and along with you, every step of the way for the life of your nanny!