Client and Nanny Loyalty


I have had this overwhelming feeling of  gratefulness lately.  It seems all the things in life that I may have taken for granted seem to stare me right in the face.  It is an embarrassing  feeling to admit that I did not notice them before, but such a great feeling to know that all is noticed now.

We are coming up on our 11th year in business and have noticed over the last 3-4 years how many loyal families and nannies we have.  We have nannies that solely use our company and clients that return to us EVERY time they need a nanny again.  I am so grateful to both of you!
When the economy started to tank 3-4 years ago; it was my loyal clients that kept us alive and well.  We never hit bottom and that was solely because our clients were loyal – THANK YOU!

I am trying to do some new things for A+ Nannies and not because we are trying to grow (although growth is great), but because we want to give you more of a reason to stay loyal!

Thanks to all of you who have stayed with us over the years (you all know who you are)!  Thanks to the families AND the nannies!  Our repeat nannies are the most sought after nannies – clients like to know we have worked with the same person before; so thanks to you too!  Without you – there would be no us!  We recognize this and are so appreciative to you!

As always our door is always open for suggestions!  We love to hear from you – we firmly feel the collective mind is better than one!

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  1. Van Victory says:

    Thank you for posting the link, I didn’t know but throughly enjoy. ))

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