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Baby Nurse / Newborn Specialist

Arizona Baby Nurse / Newborn Specialists

Baby Nurse, Night Nanny, and Newborn Specialists

A Baby Nurse / Newborn Specialist  is hired to care for your baby if you decide that you need some temporary help.  A post-natal helper will assist in all newborn needs that take place during the day or night. They will feed, burp, diaper, rock, sing, administer medicine (upon parent's approval), etc. A post-natal helper may work as little as a week or may work until that new little one is on a regular sleeping schedule. A post-natal helper must have experience with newborns and may have experience with multiples and/or preemies.

A Post Natal Helper has more experience than a night nanny.  She can teach how to swaddle, burping positions, bathing routines, and even help with getting the baby on a sleep schedule.  A Post Natal Helper may help with the infants laundry, and any care of the infant.


Average pay (post natal helpers / Baby Nurse):

  • $25/hr Singleton
  • $35/hr Twins
  • $42/hr Triplets 



  • $150 Interviewing Fee - NO PLACEMENT FEE


A Night Nanny is hired to care for your infant during the night.  She will come in and take over the night time feedings so you may get that much needed rest.  She will typically work an 8-10 hour shift and have no responsibilities except the care of the infant.  A night nanny will stay on the infant's routine; sleeping when the infant sleeps, awake while the infant is awake.


Average pay (night nanny):

  • $15-16/hr Singleton
  • $16-18/hr Twins
  • $18-20/hr Triplets


AGENCY FEES for Night Nanny:

  • $30.00 per day to the agency + the  Night Nanny's rate
  • $150.00 per week to the agency +  Night Nanny's rate
  • $350.00 per month to the agency +  Night Nanny's rate
  • $900.00 for 3 months to the agency +  Night Nanny's rate

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Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula will "mother the new mother".  Your doula will be there to give you support, encouragement, and to give a helping hand when needed. A postpartum doula is educated in newborns and newborn care, depression in mothers, breastfeeding, multiples, and much more.

Average pay: $25-32/hr  

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